Series: The Blue Series, Book 3

Bellissimma Bennett, her lover Benjamin Braithwaite, and the orphan baby Bella are deep in the sea, caught up in a catastrophic combustion of the Blues of nature. Magical orbs have led the lovers on a destined journey of passion and danger. Now only Benjamin can save them all.  He must resurrect Bellissimma by mending her broken heart in order to calm the treacherous Blues.

Scotland Yard is called in by Barbados authorities to facilitate the investigation of the mysterious disappearances of Bellissimma, Benjamin, and Bella. Just as detectives begin the search, yet another person on the island vanishes. Denny Marcionel, a carefree cabana boy, is nowhere to be found. The bereaved families are drawn together as they bond in the quest to locate their missing loved ones.

Assigned as a team, U.S. FBI Special Agent Mariah Adams and Barbados Children's Home Director Simone Smythe take the search for Bellissimma and Bella to Barcelona, Spain. There they become intimate with not only the city but with each other. Their investigation is woven through the city's busy streets, gorgeous Mediterranean beaches, high class hotel, and even the famed La Sagrada Família. When Simone discovers a magical orb that draws her to a new admirer she is torn between two lovers.

As the search continues on land, Bellissimma, Bella, and Denny are starting a new life with Benjamin in the underwater world of Azure. Wedding arrangements are being made simultaneously in Azure and Barbados. But malevolent forces from the world of Amber threaten to spoil everyone's plans.

It's love against the forces of evil as Bellissimma and Benjamin seek their happily ever after.

Long live life!

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